Ian Brewer heads up the financial services division at Aitken Lambert Elsworth Inc., through its association with PSG, a subsidiary of the listed PSG Group.  PSG is an authorised financial service provider and proud of its independence.  The company developed out of the auditing firm Theron Du Plessis and acquired Advanced Wealth Management, the former financial services division of PricewaterhouseCoopers.  The relationship with Aitken Lambert Elsworth has ensured that the advice of PSG remains totally objective, independent and professional.  PSG places strong emphasis on personal service and building lifetime relationships with their clients.  Its business motto is that the better one plans, the better ones future will be.

Ian Brewer can be contacted on 0860 88 88 10 or at ian.brewer@psg.co.za or visit their website at  https://www.psg.co.za/contact-us/branches/ballitosimbithifinancialplanning