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March 10, 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – September 2021

CA (SA) DotNews – August 2021

CA (SA) DotNews – July 2021

CA (SA) DotNews – June 2021

CA (SA) DotNews – May 2021

CA (SA) DotNews – April 2021

  • Selected for SARS Verification or Audit? Here’s What to Expect… and What to Do
  • Raising Small Business Finance in 2021: 5 Common Mistakes with a High Impact
  • Leadership, Ethics and Governance: The Benefits for Your Business
  • SMME Owners: Your Training and Education Will Boost Your Business
  • Employers: Compensation Fund Return of Earnings Deadline Extended
  • Your Tax Deadlines for April 2021 https://www.aitkenlambert.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/CASA-DotNews-April-2021.pdf

CA (SA) DotNews – March 2021

  • Budget 2021: What It Means to You
  • Budget 2021: Your Tax Tables and Tax Calculator
  • 3 Survival Tips for Your Small Business In 2021: Little Things with A High Impact
  • The Department of Small Business Development’s Lifelines to Suffocating SMMEs
  • New National Minimum Wage and Earnings Thresholds From 1 March 2021
  • Your Tax Deadlines for March 2021 https://www.aitkenlambert.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/CASA-DotNews-March-2021.pdf

CA (SA) DotNews – February 2021

CA (SA) DotNews – January 2021

  • Companies: How to Manage Your Greater Tax Risk in 2021
  • Five Mistakes to Avoid When Investing Offshore
  • What Should You Do If a Creditor Tries to Liquidate Your Business?
  • The Way Forward: More Virtual Meetings?
  • Your Tax Deadlines for January 2021 CA(SA) DotNews – January 2021

CA (SA) DotNews – December 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – November 2020

  • Leaving a Legacy: Ensure Your Business Survival with a Succession Plan
  • Six Tips for More Effective Online Meetings
  • SMMEs: Preparing for the Second Wave
  • The Five Most Common Tax Pitfalls That Small Business Owners Should Avoid
  • Your Tax Deadlines for November 2020 CA(SA) DotNews – November 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – October 2020

  • Employee Health and Wellbeing: A Strategic Priority for COVID-19 and Beyond
  • Your SME and the Economy – Prepare for the Long Way Back
  • How to Protect Yourself and Your Company after the Experian Data Leak
  • The Feasibility of a Freelancing Business in Uncertain Times
  • Your Tax Deadlines for October 2020 CA(SA) DotNews – October 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – September 2020

  • How Chaos Sparks Business Innovation
  • Tax Incentives to Invest in Small Business: The Clock is Ticking
  • Tips and Ideas to Retain Your Best Staff and Skills During COVID-19
  • Six Important Business Lessons From The Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Your Tax Deadlines for September 2020 CA(SA) DotNews – September 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – August 2020

  • Employees Working from Home: What Tax Deductions Can You Claim?
  • Protecting your Company’s Reputation When Staff Work from Home
  • What Happens if your Driver’s Licence Expires During the Pandemic and You Have an Accident?
  • POPIA (The Protection of Personal Information Act) is Now Law and the Clock is Ticking
  • Your Tax Deadlines for August 2020 https://www.aitkenlambert.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2021/09/CASA-DotNews-August-2020.pdf

CA (SA) DotNews – July 2020

  • Tax Season 2020 will be Easier Thanks to SARS’ New Approach!
  • Giving is Good – Just Know Who You are Giving To
  • Who will Emerge as Winners and Losers in the Post Covid-19 Marketplace?
  • Fraudsters are Everywhere: Cybercrime up 667% since Lockdown
  • Your Tax Deadlines for July 2020 CA(SA) DotNews – July 2020


An Image Crisis in the Accountancy Industry

Our very own Director and member of the MSI Golbal Alliance, Colin Craig Elsworth shares his views in the attached article:

Article from IAB June 2020_South Africa

CA (SA) DotNews – June 2020

  • Technology, COVID-19 and How the World Will Change
  • Tax Freedom Day: How Many Days Did You Work for The Taxman in
  • Life Made Easier (and Safer) For Non-eFilers
  • Your Tax Deadlines for June 2020  CA(SA) DotNews – June 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – May 2020

  • COVID-19 and Directors: Your Duties and Liabilities in the Coronavirus
  • Tips for Managing your Staff Working from Home
  • How Different Will Our Landscape Be Post-Coronavirus?
  • Be Ready for a SARS Lifestyle Audit
  • Your Tax Deadlines for May 2020  CA(SA) DotNews – MAY 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – April 2020

  • COVID-19 Lockdown: Relief Programs for Businesses and SMMEs
  • Businesses: How to Survive the Coronavirus Panic
  • Is Passwordless Authentication the Next Big Step?
  • On a Lighter Note – Some Entertaining Tax Stories
  • Your Tax Deadlines for April 2020  CA(SA) DotNews – APRIL 2020

2020 BUDGET SPEECH SUMMARY – 2020 Budget Speech Summary

CA (SA) DotNews – March 2020

  • Budget 2020: Some Tax Relief!
  • Your Selection of Budget 2020 Tax Calculators
  • Budget 2020: Will it Please Moody’s?
  • Directors: “Knowing” Is A Potentially Career-Threatening Word for You
  • Your Tax Deadlines for March 2020 CA(SA) DotNews – March 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – February 2020 

  • Take Advantage of the Venture Capital Company Allowance While You Can
  • Small Businesses: How to Survive and Thrive
  • Directors: Be Careful, You Will Be Held More Accountable In 2020
  • Lying About Qualifications – Prison Time for Employees on the Horizon
  • Budget 2020: Tips for Tito – Make Your Voice Count!
  • Your Tax Deadlines for February 2020CA(SA) DotNews – February 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – January 2020

  • What Will The Next Decade Bring Us?
  • Your Tax Returns Are Due: Make Sure You Fill In Your Return Correctly
  • How To Detect and Dodge Financial Scams
  • Junk Status Is Not The End – It Can Get A Lot Worse!
  • Your Tax Deadlines for January 2020 CA(SA) DotNews -January 2020

2019 BUDGET SPEECH SUMMARY – 2019 Budget Speech Summary

CA (SA) DotNews – June 2019

  • How You Can Detect Fraud in Your Business
  • Companies: What is an Alternate Director? A Curious Role…
  • Worker Burnout: Too Much Work and Unclear Goals
  • Small Business Owners: Don’t Overlook Your New Compliance Requirements!
  • Your Tax Deadlines for July 2019 and Good News for Taxpayers CA(SA) DotNews – June 2019

Aitken Lambert Elsworth – March 2019

  • Corporate Governance and The Prescribed Officer
  • SARS Clean Up on The Cards
  • Employment Tax Incentive
  • Update on Implementation of Carbon Tax March 2019 Newsletter

CA (SA) DotNews – March 2019

  • What does budget 2019 mean for you?
  • Your selection of budget 2019 tax calculators
  • Budget 2019: Credibility restored?
  • How to improve risk management in your business
  • VAT Taxpayers: new relief on correcting tax invoices
  • SARS warns taxpayers: “Use only registered tax practitioners” CA(SA) DotNews – March 2019

Aitken Lambert Elsworth – February 2019

  • Budget 2019 – What can we expect
  • Load shedding your business
  • Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • Special Economic Zone (SEZ) February 2019 Newsletter

CA (SA) DotNews – January 2019 

  • Interest rates in 2019 – Which way will they go and why?
  • Deemed accruals can seriously disrupt your cash flow – A tax lesson for property developers
  • What is a valuation worth? The Art of valuing assets and businesses
  • Directors: Fighting corruption via your social and ethics committee
  • Be aware of the changes to VAT on electronic services
  • Your Tax deadlines for January CA(SA) DotNews – January 2019

Aitken Lambert Elsworth – December 2018 Newsletter

  • Economy Grows By 2.2%
  • Carbon Tax Bill Tabled
  • No Poverty – Sustainable Development Goal No. 1
  • SARS – Important Dates  December 2018 Newsletter

CA (SA) DotNews – December 2018

  • Let’s be realistic and positive in 2019
  • Taxpayers Note : How to upload supporting documents using efiling
  • The medium term budget speech & the rating agencies – Danger in December
  • Changes are coming to the Companies Act – Be ready for them
  • Is SARS attacking your medical tax credit? CA(SA) DotNews – December 2018

Aitken Lambert Elsworth – November 2018 Newsletter

  • The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • 2018 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) Review
  • Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) Tax Proposals
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns  November 2018 Newsletter

CA (SA) DotNews – November 2018

  • When hubris grows, can a market crash be far behind?
  • Lack of a medical certificate not enough when dismissing and employee
  • Cloud based accounting: Ideal for your small business?
  • Is your problem with SARS a systematic issue? If so, speak to the Tax Ombud
  • Beware the new corporate income tax penalties! and your tax deadlines for November CA(SA) DotNews – November 2018

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