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March 10, 2020


An Image Crisis in the Accountancy Industry

Our very own Director and member of the MSI Golbal Alliance, Colin Craig Elsworth shares his views in the attached article:

Article from IAB June 2020_South Africa

CA (SA) DotNews – June 2020

  • Technology, COVID-19 and How the World Will Change
  • Tax Freedom Day: How Many Days Did You Work for The Taxman in
  • Life Made Easier (and Safer) For Non-eFilers
  • Your Tax Deadlines for June 2020  CA(SA) DotNews – June 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – May 2020

  • COVID-19 and Directors: Your Duties and Liabilities in the Coronavirus
  • Tips for Managing your Staff Working from Home
  • How Different Will Our Landscape Be Post-Coronavirus?
  • Be Ready for a SARS Lifestyle Audit
  • Your Tax Deadlines for May 2020  CA(SA) DotNews – MAY 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – April 2020

  • COVID-19 Lockdown: Relief Programs for Businesses and SMMEs
  • Businesses: How to Survive the Coronavirus Panic
  • Is Passwordless Authentication the Next Big Step?
  • On a Lighter Note – Some Entertaining Tax Stories
  • Your Tax Deadlines for April 2020  CA(SA) DotNews – APRIL 2020

2020 BUDGET SPEECH SUMMARY – 2020 Budget Speech Summary

CA (SA) DotNews – March 2020

  • Budget 2020: Some Tax Relief!
  • Your Selection of Budget 2020 Tax Calculators
  • Budget 2020: Will it Please Moody’s?
  • Directors: “Knowing” Is A Potentially Career-Threatening Word for You
  • Your Tax Deadlines for March 2020 CA(SA) DotNews – March 2020

CA (SA) DotNews – February 2020 

  • Take Advantage of the Venture Capital Company Allowance While You Can
  • Small Businesses: How to Survive and Thrive
  • Directors: Be Careful, You Will Be Held More Accountable In 2020
  • Lying About Qualifications – Prison Time for Employees on the Horizon
  • Budget 2020: Tips for Tito – Make Your Voice Count!
  • Your Tax Deadlines for February 2020CA(SA) DotNews – February 2020

2019 BUDGET SPEECH SUMMARY – 2019 Budget Speech Summary

CA (SA) DotNews – June 2019

  • How You Can Detect Fraud in Your Business
  • Companies: What is an Alternate Director? A Curious Role…
  • Worker Burnout: Too Much Work and Unclear Goals
  • Small Business Owners: Don’t Overlook Your New Compliance Requirements!
  • Your Tax Deadlines for July 2019 and Good News for Taxpayers CA(SA) DotNews – June 2019

Aitken Lambert Elsworth – March 2019

  • Corporate Governance and The Prescribed Officer
  • SARS Clean Up on The Cards
  • Employment Tax Incentive
  • Update on Implementation of Carbon Tax March 2019 Newsletter

CA (SA) DotNews – March 2019

  • What does budget 2019 mean for you?
  • Your selection of budget 2019 tax calculators
  • Budget 2019: Credibility restored?
  • How to improve risk management in your business
  • VAT Taxpayers: new relief on correcting tax invoices
  • SARS warns taxpayers: “Use only registered tax practitioners” CA(SA) DotNews – March 2019

Aitken Lambert Elsworth – February 2019

  • Budget 2019 – What can we expect
  • Load shedding your business
  • Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 8: Decent work and economic growth
  • Special Economic Zone (SEZ) February 2019 Newsletter

CA (SA) DotNews – January 2019 

  • Interest rates in 2019 – Which way will they go and why?
  • Deemed accruals can seriously disrupt your cash flow – A tax lesson for property developers
  • What is a valuation worth? The Art of valuing assets and businesses
  • Directors: Fighting corruption via your social and ethics committee
  • Be aware of the changes to VAT on electronic services
  • Your Tax deadlines for January CA(SA) DotNews – January 2019

Aitken Lambert Elsworth – December 2018 Newsletter

  • Economy Grows By 2.2%
  • Carbon Tax Bill Tabled
  • No Poverty – Sustainable Development Goal No. 1
  • SARS – Important Dates  December 2018 Newsletter

CA (SA) DotNews – December 2018

  • Let’s be realistic and positive in 2019
  • Taxpayers Note : How to upload supporting documents using efiling
  • The medium term budget speech & the rating agencies – Danger in December
  • Changes are coming to the Companies Act – Be ready for them
  • Is SARS attacking your medical tax credit? CA(SA) DotNews – December 2018

Aitken Lambert Elsworth – November 2018 Newsletter

  • The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • 2018 Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) Review
  • Medium Term Budget Policy Statement (MTBPS) Tax Proposals
  • Corporate Income Tax Returns  November 2018 Newsletter

CA (SA) DotNews – November 2018

  • When hubris grows, can a market crash be far behind?
  • Lack of a medical certificate not enough when dismissing and employee
  • Cloud based accounting: Ideal for your small business?
  • Is your problem with SARS a systematic issue? If so, speak to the Tax Ombud
  • Beware the new corporate income tax penalties! and your tax deadlines for November CA(SA) DotNews – November 2018

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